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Bogotá, 18th December 2019.

The America 7/100 mixed-use Real Estate project, which includes a shopping center and two office towers, and which is being developed by Aldea Proyectos SAS on floors of Carrera Septima with Calle 100 in Bogotá, and in which LaSBA has participated in the concept and preliminary design of the 65,000 m2 GLA shopping center, continues to move forward despite difficulties. The first office tower of the project, developed on the 85,500 m² destined for the two office towers, with a height of 31 floors, and which will have a viewpoint on the deck accessible from the shopping center, has been completed. The rest of the project is currently conditioned by decisions of the District (City Council) on the design of the Transmilenio de la Séptima and its connection to the Interchange that is part of the project.