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The best use of the potential possibilities of existing or new Shopping Centres depends, for LaSBA on the knowledge, based on quantative and qualitative analysis, of the existing or potential customers and the one of the operators.

On the other hand, the benefit of adapting previous experiences offered by previous similar cases, will enable to avoid a lot of errors in the conception and development of the project.

The combination of the analytical knowledge of data on the one hand, and of the experience of similar cases on the other, enables the best to be made of the retail possibilities in the medium and long term of a specific project., Both for a new Centre or for an existing Centre in the process of expansion, adaptation, renovation or redevelopment.

From its inception, LaSBA has been active and provided its professionalism in a large number of Shopping Centre projects, each of which in different fields of intervention.

In addition, it has taken part in processes of consultancy relating to specific missions, such as studies, location research, or institutional consultations.

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