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Professional Team

The LaSBA team is formed by a group of Consultants all of whom have ample experience in the commercial scope of the real-estate sector, each of them is an expert in one or more specific scopes of the consultancy offered by the company.

In addition, LaSBA has its own professional team of Analysts along with well-experienced collaborators, who have been working together for more than ten years.

A group of independent consultants ensure missions specialized for specific services (legal, urbanism, insurances, etc) working directly with the corresponding Consultant.

Depending on the specific request, LaSBA moves its contact and involves several independent Consultants, specifically selected according to the profile and specific knowledge needed in order to develop the issue contracted with the client. Among them, in the last few months, Luis Monereo, and José Carlos Fernández were involved.

Finally, a network of foreign consultants ensure, through a very active and informal network, the verification and market tendencies, as well as providing a close relationship between investors and international operators.

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