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Ten years celebrating together

Madrid, 21st December 2020.

It was in December 2010 when LaSBA launched what has since become its traditional corporate Christmas model, designed year after year by Eduardo Argüelles (www.bargazza.com), with an elegant variation of Christmas motifs. At the 10th anniversary of that launch, we are now closing an especially difficult 2020, and we incorporate some differential notes. With more reasons than ever, the entire LaSBA team wants to convey its best wishes for a very positive 2021 and returning to normality. For ten years celebrating together, and for many more, happy family holidays to all our clients, collaborators and friends!

Valentín Serrano passes away

Madrid, 7th September 2020.

Last Friday passed away, after a long and progressive illness, Valentín Serrano, General Manager of Portfolio of Ceetrus, the promoter and owner of the Auchan Group, for Spain, Portugal and Hungary. Linked to the group since 1986, he was appointed to this position in 2019, after a brilliant professional career. Valentin knew how to earn in LaSBA all the respect that his professional knowledge generated and his judgment. We will remember him with admiration and affection for the extraordinary empathy that his treatment aroused, and for the cordiality and kindness . LaSBA joins the deep sorrow of relatives and collaborators. Rest in peace.

Shopping in the “new normal”

Madrid, 5th June 2020.

Trade is preparing to sell the “new normal” after completion of the state of alarm and home confinement, shopping centers have adapted to the current situation in order to facilitate the return of customers, readying measures prevention and hygiene, both for customers and for the workers themselves. Initiatives such as the implementation of differentiated access and exit routes, limited capacity, forced ventilations, or constant disinfection, join the mandatory acts of the use of masks, gel dispensers and social distancing.

Shopping Centers demanding its reopening

Madrid, 30th April 2020.

Within the Plan for the asymmetric de-escalation that the Government has presented, phase 1, supposes the restart of activity for small businesses and terraces under security measures. To the exclusion that arises for large Shopping Centers, the Spanish Association of Malls and Shopping Centers (AECC) has demanded that the Government include them in phase 1 of the de-escalation. Additionally, it has prepared a document that contains some basic recommendations to consider when preparing the facilities and work equipment.

Return to the works of the Bernabeu

Madrid, 14th April 2020.

After a two-week break due to the hardening of the measures taken in the state of alarm, the remodelling works have returned to the Concha Espina stadium. The start of work is progressing at a good pace and, due to the fact that the league stoppage favors progress, there are forecasts that the completion date for the new Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will be shortened by one year with no more open-door matches played during the 2020. The reform project has the participation of LaSBA as a consultant for the optimization of commercial and leisure uses.

Green light for the Madrid Nuevo Norte project

Madrid, 25th March 2020.

The Madrid City Council has approved the urban and Real Estate project known as Madrid Nuevo Norte. The urban operation will act on more than 3 million square meters of land, regenerating the land and infrastructure to put them at the service of the city and will entail the creation of a large, state-of-the-art business center around the Chamartín station. In addition, the construction of around 10,500 homes is planned, of which 20% will be of public protection. LaSBA participated in a first preliminary analysis of the basic characteristics that the zones should have.

First cinemas with only luxury rooms in Torre Caleido

Madrid, 13th February 2020.

The Spanish company Ocine will be the operator of the complex of cinemas in Torre Caleido, the mixed Project occupying the well-known Quinta Torre de la Castellana in Madrid. Its six luxury rooms with capacity for 440 people and that will occupy about 1,300 m2, will be the first case in Spain of a complex of cinemas consisting exclusively of “luxury” rooms, such as those that different operators have recently incorporated into their complexes more successful. The new Caleido Tower, already in a very advanced state of construction, will also have a complex of up to 80 stores, the concept of which was studied and proposed by LaSBA in its initial stages of conception.

Create City through Commerce in the cycle “Real Estate in the University”

Madrid, 30th January 2020.

Within the Cycle “Real Estate at the University”, promoted by the MDI of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Arcadio Gil has taught a Master Class within the framework “Trends in the international development of Shopping Centers”, where he has explained, from the experience of LaSBA , his viewpoint on the progressive rapprochement between two very different formats: those of the shopping streets of the city center and the shopping centers. He presented the evolution followed by the two models in the last 25 years, highlighting the formal and morphological approach between the two models, and mentioned the interesting current exchange of experiences and good practices between them.

More than 30 brands confirmed on Vialia Vigo

Vigo, 12th January 2020.

The Vialia Vigo Shopping Center, which will open its doors in spring 2021, has already confirmed the presence of 30 renowned firms. LaSBA has participated throughout the development of the project, carrying out the initial commercial analysis and diagnosis, as well as a study of distribution of pedestrian flows based on an innovative own analysis system. The commercial offer will include brands such as Primark, which will be the first opening in the city, Adidas, Decimas or Merkal. Occupying more than 5,500 m² will be Alcampo, part of the Ceetrus conglomerate that is behind the construction of the center. In the leisure section, visitors can enjoy the cinemas operated by Yelmo and the gastronomic offer is worth highlighting the presence of McDonald’s, KFC, Fosters or Muerde la Pasta among others.

Completed a Tower of the 7/100 Project

Bogotá, 18th December 2019.

The America 7/100 mixed-use Real Estate project, which includes a shopping center and two office towers, and which is being developed by Aldea Proyectos SAS on floors of Carrera Septima with Calle 100 in Bogotá, and in which LaSBA has participated in the concept and preliminary design of the 65,000 m2 GLA shopping center, continues to move forward despite difficulties. The first office tower of the project, developed on the 85,500 m² destined for the two office towers, with a height of 31 floors, and which will have a viewpoint on the deck accessible from the shopping center, has been completed. The rest of the project is currently conditioned by decisions of the District (City Council) on the design of the Transmilenio de la Séptima and its connection to the Interchange that is part of the project.

An approach to the Design of Urban Public Spaces

Madrid, 4th December 2019.

Cuadernos de Diseño magazine, in its issue number 12 corresponding to the month of December 2019 publishes a collaboration of Arcadio Gil on the design of urban public spaces. It describes the formal evolution of the traditional center of the city, the configuration of the public-private space of shopping centers and the different elements or components of these new urban public spaces. To conclude that today, shopping malls are more and more shopping streets and vice versa, shopping malls are more and more shopping malls.


Milligan presents proposal for A LAxe

Vigo, 27th November 2019.

The LaSBA team is collaborating with the British promoter Milligan to apply for the contest called by the Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo to cede management and relaunch the A Laxe shopping center. The 13,200 m² GLA center, located next to the Port cruise terminal, was opened more than eleven years ago and the lease is granted for a period of twenty years, extendable to ten more. Milligan has successfully undertaken many projects to remodel and relaunch shopping centers in the United Kingdom and in Spain, highlighting among them the Maremagnum reform in Barcelona in the 2000s.


TIRCA website launching

Cannes, 12th November 2019.

On the occasion of MAPIC 2019 in Cannes, the European partners of The International Retail Consulting Alliance (TIRCA) met in Cannes and during a meeting, attended by representatives of LaSBA, the new alliance website. TIRCA currently brings together thirteen independent commercial real estate consultants that represent in countries such as Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy and the Nordic countries, in addition to Spain and Portugal whose representation is held by LaSBA.

Presented a new edition of the LaSBA Observatory

Madrid, 23th October 2019.

The new edition of the LaSBA Observatory is dedicated to the analysis of the Spanish Shopping Centers market. This biannual publication, published regularly by LaSBA since 2008, will soon be 12 years old. And in previous years, it has issued reports on the Portuguese, Brazilian and Colombian markets. In this new edition, which corresponds to number 65, the most significant developments in the Spanish Shopping Centers market during the last six months are mentioned in the most quantitative and reliable way possible, including basic economic data, center openings, news of its operation, news from operators and brands, and the situation of the investment market.

LaSBA will be at Mapic 2019

Madrid, 7th October 2019.

LaSBA will share stand P-1, J13, with the other members of the international alliance TIRCA at the next MAPIC 2019 that will be held on November 13, 14 and 15 in CannesThe fair, a key event in the Retail industry, catering and leisure, and which celebrates its 25th anniversary, will feature 8,200 participants from more than 80 countries. This will be the fifth time that LaSBA have the opportunity to establish direct contact with retailers, developers and investors from own stand. And to do so by enhancing the exchange of information and contacts with the commercial teams of its international partners.

ESCT Board meets in London

Madrid, 26th September 2019.

Last Wednesday, September 25, the Board of Trustees of the European Shopping Center Trust (ESCT), currently chaired by Arcadio Gil, met in London. The meeting discussed the new circumstances in Europe in the face of the ICSC‘s decision to withdraw from Europe association that will be based in Brussels, the organization of pan-European meetings and the coordination of the different National Councils. The ESCT has been reaffirmed in its willingness to continue to contribute to the training and development of young professionals in the industry based in different European countries.

Asset management of Plaza de Andalucia

Algeciras, 18th September 2019.

These days are completed the first 50 days of LaSBA in Plaza de Andalucía shopping center. With the order of Integral Management, for Haya Real Estate, as owner of the operation of the Shopping Center and currently owned by Sareb. Centrally located in the city of Algeciras, the center, consisting of a GLA of 6,032 m² distributed over 3 floors with 40 stores, and has a Dia supermarket as Flagship. It was initially inaugurated in 1986, and after a deep remodeling process, it was reopened on December 14, 2006, providing a meeting point combining, food, leisure, home, restoration and professional services.

The Last Mile, analyzed at The Real Estate Breakfast

Madrid, 5th August 2019.

Last July 2, 2019, during a Real Estate Breakfast organized by the Colegio Ingenieros Caminos Canales y Puertos, Arcadio Gil had the opportunity to present LaSBA‘s vision of the challenge presented by the Last Mile in electronic commerce. One of the solutions will go through an adjustment in the supply chain and delivery of merchandise that will mean, on the one hand, the appearance of a distributed network of urban warehouses that will configure a proximity logistics sector, and, on the other, the active role of the physical network of stores and shopping centers that will reinforce its role of delivering merchandise purchased through e-commerce.

The Works of the new Santiago Bernabeu begin

Madrid, 24th July 2019.

The first phase of the refurbishment of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium has already begun, under the responsibility of the FCC construction company, which will be extended over the next three years. The first phase involves the demolition of the former La Esquina del Bernabeu shopping center, which will provide the city with a new public square of 6,000m². The comprehensive reform project has had the participation of LaSBA as a consultant for the optimization of commercial and leisure uses.

Lagoh opening date announced

Sevilla, 9th July 2019.

The Lar España Reit, specialized in the promotion and operation of shopping centers, has announced the opening of Lagoh for next Thursday, September 26. The shopping center, located in the Palmas Altas estate, is destined, with its 100,000 m² SBA, to become the reference shopping center in Seville and its metropolitan area. It is being developed by the Reit, once it assumed its promotion at the end of a long process piloted by the Sevillian promoter Viapol, and in which LaSBA was present as a consulting firm of Segece-Klepierre in the initial stages of its configuration.

The annual meeting of TIRCA members held

Antwerp, 17th junio 2019.

On June 13, the Annual Assembly of The International Retail Consultancy Alliance (TIRCA), the association of consultants to which, representing Spain and Portugal, belongs to LaSBA, was held in Antwerp. At the meeting, organized by the local partner, Ceusters, absolute leader in the Belgian market, the most specific events of the previous year were reviewed, the 2019 activity was planned, included the presence at the Mapic fair, and a review was made of the current market situation in each and every one of the countries in which it is present. Prime, the new partner of the alliance in Germany, was welcomed.

Master Class on MDI Shopping Centers

Madrid, 9th May 2019.

Yesterday, and in the course of the last MasterClass of the current promotion of graduates studying the Master of Real Estate Development (MDI) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Arcadio Gil had the opportunity to offer his vision of the latest Trends in International development of shopping centers. The event, open to the entire real estate sector, was held in the Auditorium of the Colegio de Caminos, and had more than 150 face-to-face assistants. It was broadcasted in streaming, and can now be viewed later, along with the rest of the presentations, on YouTube.

Arcadio Gil presents the new ESCT strategy

Barcelona, 15th April 2019.

In the last European Conference of Shopping Centers held in Barcelona on April 9-11, Arcadio Gil, as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the European Shopping Center Trust (ESCT) had the opportunity to present to the ICSC and the different National Councils Europe’s new strategic line of sponsorships and granting of aid to members of NextGen groups, made up of young professionals from the sector. The ESCT is an independent body that manages European funds provided by companies and individuals aimed at improving training and knowledge in the sector.

Aymara project advances in Dosquebradas (Colombia)

Madrid, 22nd March 2019.

Located in a strategic situation in the ring road of Pereira (Risaralda), destined to become the closure of the highway from Manizales (Caldas) to Armenia (Quindío), the Aymara shopping center will be placed in the nerve center of the coffee axis. In the extensive land of its property, in the municipality of Dosquebradas, the developer Realidad Colombia proposes an important real estate development, with residential and hotel areas, and that also includes an outdoor recreational park of reference. The shopping center that could reach 36,000 m² GLA on its two floors includes shopping, hostelry and entertainment areas. Involved in this project since its inception, LaSBA has completed the stage of the Preliminary Configuration Study, which will allow the corresponding administrative processing.

Electronic commerce in the Unicentro franchise (Colombia)

Bogota, 6th Feubrary 2019.

Siendo todavía hoy la referencia de éxito indiscutible en el mundo de los centros comerciales colombianos, la marca Unicentro avanza en una nueva etapa que potenciará su presencia en el mercado y avanzará en los servicios de comercio electrónico de una forma coordinada. Su promotor, Pedro Gómez, está terminando, con el apoyo de LaSBA, la definición de los acuerdos de franquicia a proponer a los diferentes centros ya implantados en todo el territorio colombiano. Han arrancado ya las negociaciones con, entre otros, Medellín, Villavicencio, y Armenia.

Ice Wave opens in Islazul

Madrid, 28th January 2019.

The ice cream chain of Majorcan Ice Wave drives its expansion with the opening last Sunday of a new kiosk at the Islazul Shopping Center. The implementation, located in the area of maximum influx on the ground floor of the center with operators such as Aki and Kiabi, has been achieved by LaSBA. Besides the show cooking, the main novelty of Ice Wave is the mixing of ingredients just a few seconds before eating them with a personalized base made mainly of skim milk. With this new opening, which includes the most recent brand concept, the company has a total of 27 stores.

LaSBA present with stand at MAPIC 2018

Cannes, 19th November 2018.

LaSBA was present at the MAPIC 2018 fair held last week in Cannes, with an influx this year of 8,600 affected participants from 80 countries. At stand P1.J13, located next to the central hall on the ground floor, LaSBA shared space with its English partners Time Retail Partners, with Reno Italians and with Strombergs Germans. The commercial and tenant rep activity was especially intense during the three days. In parallel conferences, the convergence of the physical and the digital centered many of the discussions with promoters and investors.

The works of the Vialia Vigo Center begin

Madrid, 16th November 2018.

The old Immochan, now renamed Ceetrus, begins the construction of the Vialia Shopping Center at the Vigo-Urzáiz station, designed by the architect Thom Mayne. Upon completion, the new intermodal station in Vigo will have a constructed area of 125,000 m² and will house 35,000 m² of commercial and leisure area, with an innovative commercial offer and a totally differentiating restoration concept. LaSBA has participated throughout the development of the project, carrying out the commercial analysis and diagnosis, as well as a study of distribution of pedestrian flows based on an innovative own analysis system.

Kiwoko opening in Vega del Rey

Madrid, 10th November 2018.

Kiwoko has opened its fourth animal store in the province of Seville, in the Vega del Rey Commercial Park, in the municipality of Camas. Marketed by LaSBA, the local of 580 m2 is located on the ground floor of the Park, which, with an SBA of 18,000 m2, has 18 medium-sized units on 2 floors. In Kiwoko, specialists in all types of pets, you can find a wide variety of food and accessories, as well as products for the care and hygiene of pets. The chain has 128 stores throughout Spain and they plan to open between 12 and 20 new stores at the end of 2019.

Valdebebas economic reparcelization approved

Madrid, 11th October 2018.

Madrid City Council definitively approves the economic reparcelization of Valdebebas, that allows to regularize the 145,898 square meters commercial, frozen by successive judicial resolutions. The process to adapt the surface of the commercial block, which was affected by the cancellation of the Special Plan, was advised by LaSBA, who, in the field of the three plots of commercial use and tertiary use, analyzed the maximum area that should be have the commercial tablet, as well as its location within the set and its proper integration into the urban design of the rest of the field.

Green light for the new Santiago Bernabeu

Madrid, 24th September 2018.

The Assembly of Real Madrid has approved the launch of the new Santiago Bernabeu, avant-garde project whose design was awarded at the time to the GMP, L-35 and Ribas & Ribas studios, and which has a budget of 525 million euros. The new stadium will feature a series of commercial and leisure and catering areas that open to a public street and plaza. LaSBA has given support and assistance to the technical teams of the Club in the conception of the space and in the analysis of the process of integral remodelling of the Stadium, with the objective of optimizing the uses and functionality in the new spaces defined by the project.

Hamburg, destination of the TIRCA autumn meeting

Hamburg, 10th September 2018.

With visits to the most representative examples of modern urban commerce in the city, such as the Europa Passage shopping center, the Alsterhaus department store, or the Spitalerstrasse or Möckebergstrasse streets, the meeting of TIRCA partners in Hamburg was completed on Tuesday 4. In the course of the meeting, held at the offices of Strombergs, the German partner of TIRCA, Arcadio Gil had the opportunity, on behalf of LaSBA, to present the current situation of the Spanish and Portuguese retail markets, as well as review the most interesting developments in the last year in the expansion plans of Spanish retailers abroad and the announcement of foreign retailers on the peninsula.

Arcadio Gil in a new edition of ERPA

Amsterdam, 4th July 2018.

A new edition of the European Retail Property Academy, the summer school of the ICSC, aimed at young European professionals, was held in Amsterdam from July 2 to 4, and four courses were offered this year: Advanced Management, Advanced Leasing, Advanced Commercialization, and Advanced Development, Design & Construction. It was within the latter where Arcadio Gil taught the master class on Retail Store Planning, with a detailed tour of the planning, project and execution of private works in a shopping center.

Roselin Joyeros opens in Albacenter

Madrid, 19th Decmber 2017.

Roselin Joyeros reinforces its presence in the Spanish market, opening its 31st establishment in Albacete, in the Albacenter shopping center. With a commercial area of 46 square meters, the new establishment, which will open its doors coinciding with the start of the Christmas campaign, will distribute, among others, the collections of the chain’s own brands: Roselin, RS Roslain Sport, which includes the official watches and bracelets of the Spanish Padel Federations, Winter Sports, and Triathlon, Luxilver and Carlota. With this, there are six openings made by the consulting firm LaSBA.

Three new stores reinforce Antony Morato in Spain

Madrid, 11th December 2017.

The Italian company Antony Morato continues its growth in Spain. Thanks to LaSBA consulting this year, three establishments have opened, one in the Maremagnum Shopping Center (Barcelona), another in Nevada (Granada) and a third in Puerto Venecia (Zaragoza). Present in more than 471 multibrand points in Spain, Antony Morato already has a total of eight establishments in the country, distributed between Madrid, Barcelona, Ciudad Real, Malaga, Marbella and Alicante. The brand, which is aimed at a male audience between 18 and 35, produces international casual fashion, which has allowed the company an easy breakthrough into markets around the world.

Strong expansion of Luxury Zone Urban in 2017

Madrid, 1st December 2017.

In 2017, Luxury Zone Urban opened 5 stores with LaSBA. It is a new Italian brand of ecological jewelry and gold trading, belonging to the Grupo Oro Caja. Open stores, all between 80 and 100 square meters generate liquidity to their customers through the purchase of high-end gold, jewelry or watches, while promoting second-hand and ecological jewelry for adults looking for a piece High jewelry at an affordable price. The 5 stores, in the Berceo, La Dehesa, Sambil Outlet, Marineda and Maxcenter Shopping Centers will join the two they have in Spain.

Nau! opens in The Machinist

Madrid, 19th November 2017.

The Italian company Nau!, specialized in the production of glasses opens a new establishment in the La Maquinista shopping center, in Barcelona. This operation has been carried out by the consulting firm LaSBA, which had previously done so in the two stores in Madrid that the company opened last April. The local Nau!, about 130 square meters, is located on the ground floor, Nau! It is in the process of expansion, and, in addition to Spain, the company expects to land in Russia, Portugal, the United States and Canada throughout this year.

Lily opens its first store in Europe in Barcelona

Madrid, 26th October 2017.

The Chinese company Shanghai Silk, has chosen Barcelona for the launch of the first flagship in Europe of its women’s fashion chain Lily. Managed by the consulting firm specialized in retail LaSBA, Lily will open at number 125 of Rambla Catalunya, in a room with an area of approximately 200 square meters The collection that will be distributed in the Barcelona store is the same with which the group operates in its Asian stores The price positioning is similar to that of chains such as Maje or Sandro. With 700 stores in China Lily operates some seventy stores in ten other countries, mainly in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Marineda will open Pablosky & Friends store

Madrid, 21st October 2017.

In the commercial center of Marineda City, in A Coruña, the Spanish brand of children’s and youth footwear Pablosky has just inaugurated, in the hands of the consulting firm LaSBA, a new store. In this case it is his first flagship store in Galicia, with the concept of the Pablosky & Friends brand, which combines footwear and fashion with a totally innovative collection. With almost 200 square meters, the store will distribute Pablosky and Paola footwear collections in addition to other leading children’s fashion brands such as Levis, Catimini and Espirit, among others, composing a wide range of quality children’s and youth footwear for all styles of Baby, girl, boy and junior.

Pablosky opens store in Max Center

Madrid, 10th September 2017.

With more than 50 years of experience in “growing feet”, Pablosky has just opened with its new store concept in Bilbao at the Max Center shopping center. The operation has been carried out once again by the LaSBA consultancy, through which they have acquired a store on the ground floor with an area of almost 80 square meters. Pablosky offers quality shoes with original designs for babies, boys, girls and junior. A unique and different collection that combines the latest trends with the application of the exclusive Pablosky System technology, the best support from the first step.

Opening of the new Pablosky store in Intu Asturias

Madrid, 15th June 2017.

After the recent openings in Córdoba and Granada and Albacete, Pablosky continues with its expansion. The children’s footwear firm has just opened a new establishment in the Intu Asturias shopping center, in Oviedo. The place has 60 square meters of surface and its design conforms to the style of the latest store. The operation has been managed by LaSBA consulting. The Castilian-La Mancha brand founded in 1969 and based in Fuensalida (Toledo), is present in more than 2,000 points of sale in Spain and in more than 40 countries. The new Pablosky store responds to the concept ‘Magic of colors’, released a few months ago to present the spring-summer 2017 collection.

La Gavia and Plenilunio welcome Nau!

Madrid, 28th April 2017.

The Italian optical company Nau! has launched its second and third establishment in the Spanish market. The new stores are located in Madrid, in the La Gavia shopping center and in Plenilunio. The operation has been carried out thanks to the real estate consultancy LaSBA, who is managing another possible opening in Barcelona. Nau!, which currently operates with 120 outlets in Italy, Spain and India, offers glasses rich in different colors and designs that respect the environment. In addition, it renews its glasses collections every two weeks, always in Nau! Limited Edition, with prices ranging between 95 and 100 euros.

Arcadio Gil, new president of the ESCT

Warsaw, 25th April 2017.

This morning, at the European Conference of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) held these days in Warsaw, Tom Mc Gee, Worldwide Chairman and CEO of ICSC, announced the appointment of Arcadio Gil as the new President of the European Shopping Center Trust. The nomination was decided at the last meeting of the Trust Board that took place recently in Amsterdam. Arcadio Gil, CEO of LaSBA in Spain, succeeds Wolfgang Bays, CEO of Brune Consulting Group in Germany, who has chaired the institution for the past five years.

Diane Von Furstenberg raises the blind in the Salamanca district

Madrid, 12th April 2017.

After 4 years of closing its Claudio Coello store, DVF returns to raise the blind at number 75 of the same street, in a place managed by LaSBA. The closure was a consequence of the disagreements with its first partner in Spain, the Reig Capital Group that controls the two Manolo Blahnik stores in Madrid and Barcelona- and now reopens with the Sandra & Co group specialized in the distribution and retail of brands of lingerie. Currently, DVF has more than twenty stores in the United States and more than 120 stores around the world, in cities like Paris and London. In addition, in multi-brand channel, the company distributes in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue or Bergdorf Goodman.

Pablosky will open in Granada

Madrid, 10th April 2017.

Pablosky, one of the leading international children’s and youth footwear brands dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of premium shoes, will open a new point of sale at the Nevada Shopping Mall. And it will do so with a selection of more than 300 references in a collection full of textures and colors inspired by suggestive Caribbean paradises, where magic and an infinite variety of colors flood every corner. The premises, located on the ground floor of the center and with 70 square meters, have been managed by the real estate consultancy LaSBA.

Alfieri & St.John opens at 86 Serrano Street

Madrid, 6th April 2017.

The Italian jewelry Alfieri & St. John has decided to try the Spanish market, betting on Serrano Street, this being the third exclusive store of the company, joining Rome and Milan. The local, at number 86 of the street and with only 20 square meters was previously occupied by Soloio, and LaSBA has acted, as a commercial real estate consultant, on behalf of the property. Alfieri was founded in 1977 and operates as a multi-brand in different European markets, among others in Spanish where it does so with six points of sale so far.

Vialia Vigo Center awarded

Madrid, 1st April 2017.

Adif Alta Velocidad has approved the award of the Vialia Center to Immochan Spain, a company for which LaSBA carried out the corresponding feasibility studies and commercial definition, including a proposal for interior planning of spaces and premises. Located on the Vigo-Urzáiz station, the shopping center, which will take the generic name Centro Vialia with which Adif baptizes its commercial projects, will be carried out following the design of the American architect Thom Mayne developed in Spain by the L35 studio. And it will be placed on the platform that covers the current Ave station.

LaSBA studies the Caleido´s Commercial Zocalo

Madrid, 12th March 2017.

In order to assess a possible significant participation in the shareholders of the Caleido project within the Four Towers complex, LaSBA analyzes for its client the feasibility and definition of the most appropriate commercial and leisure offer to consider in the future real estate development project. The Fifth Tower is also composed of a vertical tower where two large private centers will be located, one educational and the other sanitary. Fenwick Iribarren and Serrano-Suñer Arquitectura are responsible for shaping the project, which will be built by OHL Developments.

Inaugurated Brickell City Center

Miami, 7th November 2016.

Last November 3 opened to the public Brickell City Centre. Located in the heart of Brickell, the central financial and business district of Miami, the mall has been developed by the developer Swire in a mixed project with residential towers and a hotel in four complete blocks of its property. With wide walkways that fly over the intermediate streets, and with its significant roof of wavy slats, the Brickell City Centre project manages to gather up to 46,500 m² GLA and 2,600 parking spaces in the same complex. The commercialization of the centre, in which LaSBA played an active role, managed to congregate an important collection of major fashion brands, including SaksFifth Avenue, a Zara store, and brands such as Apple Store, Armani, Sephora, Victoria’s Secrets, among others.

Twin Set arrives to Madrid

Madrid, 25th May 2016.

LaSBA has advised Twin Set in finding the location of their store in Madrid, specifically in the street Claudio Coello 29, very close to the street Jorge Juan. The store consists of 127 sqm commercial, with a total of 214 sqm. The opening is expected next September. The Italian company currently has five stores in the Spanish market, located in Barcelona, Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca, Puerto Banus and Valencia. The first store that the brand opened was the one in Valencia, on the street Jorge Juan, and later came to Barcelona, on Paseo de Gracia.
LaSBA continues advising Twin Set in finding new locations for the brand in the Spanish market.

Delpozo settles in London

Madrid, 19th May 2016.

Delpozo it´s getting ready for raising the blind of a new store in London, it will be installed at 131 Sloane Street, a new development of buildings which will have as neighbors firms such as Red Valentino or the multibrand Boutique 1. This operation has been advised by LaSBA through its partners TRP. The establishment will occupy an area of 279 square meters spread over two floors and will include all the firm collection. This will be the only single-brand company store along with Madrid, which has its flagship shop Delpozo at number 19 Calle Lagasca.

Market Ruta77 opens to the public

Madrid, 11th May 2016.

Located within the shopping center Palacio de Hielo in Madrid, the food market Ruta77  has been opened to the public last week and today presents with a very special show cooking to the specialized press . The market, whose concept and implementation has been designed and developed by LaSBA for the property of the center, hosts 24 different food stalls  in 1,000 m2, has also a themed outdoor terrace, and comes complete in a very adequate supply restoration of the mall.

Alexander Otto, new TDSA

Milan, 5th May 2016.

In the course of the European Conference held in Milan last month, Alexander Otto, past Chairman of ICSC European Board and CEO of ECE, was awarded the distinction of “Trustees Distinguished Service Award“. Otto is the European number ten to receive this ICSC highest award, which only 9 other Europeans have received in the past, among which is Arcadio Gil. He was awarded in 2005 in Las Vegas together with the American Daryl Mangan and the Canadian Margaret Dixon.

Antony Morato, new store in La Gavia

Madrid, 25th April 2016.

Antony Morato opens a new store in the Centro Comercial La Gavia in Madrid,  advised by LaSBA, the Italian firm menswear store replaces the G-Star with an area of 233 square meters, located between UIanka and Benetton. Antony Morato expansion in the Spanish market intends to open approximately 30 stores within the next three years, of which four or five would be located in street. Currently, the Italian company is focused on the development of Madrid and Barcelona and will soon begin to complete the expansion in other geographical areas, such as Valencia and Malaga, where it already has presence. The goal for Antony Morato and LaSBA would be to have flagships before the end of the year in Madrid and Barcelona.

Round table about Outdoor

Milan, 20th April 2016.

On April 19th The Round table about Outdoor was held in the MiCo, Milan Conference Centre, where the sessions of the ICSC European Conferencewere held and included several round tables. This one was dedicated to the outdoor future development of shopping malls and it was  moderated byArcadio Gil. On the table were representatives of companies such as Stir Architecture , Haskoll or the Canadian GH + A company and also research experts from BNP , CBRE and others.

LaSBA at the Fifth Tower

Madrid, 8th April 2016.

The urban development known as Fifth Tower will complete in the future the complex of four towers in the north of Madrid. Co-sponsored by OHL and a European Real Estate Group is being developed under what at the past was a municipal congress and exhibition project designed by Mansilla/Tuñón. The new project, now starting, incorporates non-residential and tertiary uses in a new skyscraper supported by a powerful horizontal platform that gives continuity to the currently existing big plaza. LaSBA is studying, on behalf of the promoters, the concept and program of the commercial offer included in the project.

Arcadio Gil at ESCT

London, 24th March 2016.

Yesterday was held in London a new meeting of the Board of the European Shopping Centre Trust, the Foundation created by the first European Conferences, which aims to promote education and research in the pan-European sector. At the meeting, they analyzed agreements with variousEuropean universities and the BCSC Foundation were analyzed. Also there were approved next grants for young professionals to assist to the European Retail Property School and the exchange with the ICSC Foundation to attend the JTRiordan School in US.

Roselin Jewelry opens a new store in Madrid

Madrid, 18th March 2016.

Roselin is reinforced in Spain. The historical jewelry based in Madrid, counts with 28 outlets nationwide with a new opening in the 129th street Fuencarral. With over 65 years of experience, the company has in Madrid city its main market, where just added the store number 21. Roselin is in the midst of a process of change of concept shops with whom intend to update its traditional image and bring it to a more modern. The group has being advised on the process by the consulting firm LaSBA specialized in retail. The company is studying its expansion in the Spanish market cities that now is not present, likeBarcelona. At the moment, Roselin prefers to focus its target on the national territory before landing in other countries such as Italy, UK or France.

E-Commerce specialized session

Madrid, 10th March 2016.

A seminar on e-commerce which involved various specialists, and where KPMGhas presented the main conclusions of a study recently finished, was organized by the magazine E-Commerce –news. It was held yesterday at the Hotel Capitol Madrid. The Panel of Experts, which was moderated by Arcadio Gil, was integrated by representatives of the departments of e-commerce of DIA,Worten, Makro and Cepsa, among others.

United Partners new meeting

London, 3rd March 2016.

Last week was held the regular meeting of members of United Partners, theEuropean Alliance of Real Estate Consultants, whose representative in Spainand Portugal is LaSBA. In this meeting the evolution of joint commissions was reviewed, new opportunities were analyzed and three major centers in Londonwere visited. Those major centers´ marketing were conducted by Lunson Mitchenall, the British partner of the Alliance: Brent Cross, Canary Warf and the new commercial project at the Royal Festival Hall.

LaSBA Colombia SAS ongoing

Bogotá, 23rd February 2016.

As a development of professional work done by LaSBA in Colombia in recent years, it has been incorporated the new Society under Colombian lawLaSBA Colombia SAS” through which new achieved mandates will be managed in the country.

Bdba commitment to Miami

Bdba 2

Miami, 19th February 2016.

Bdba, the spanish fashion female firm is committed to the US market to grow in 2016. The company prepares its entry into the US with the launch of its first two stores in Miami. Bdba opens its first store in the United States at number 656 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach with an area of ​​almost 240 square meters. Bdba has decided to double its presence in the city with the opening of another store, this time located in the mall newly created Brickell City Center, this shopping complex, located in the financial district of the city, represents an investment of more than billion dollars to investors like Whitman, Swire Properties and Simon family.

LaSBA in the new MSI


Madrid,9th February 2016.

Launched last year, the MSI, Master of the Real Estate Sector , is a reference institution for the training of highly qualified professionals and a recognized standard among the most important companies in the sector master organize by COAM. As in other recent occasions, Arcadio Gil joined the staff of teachers and give two lectures on Real Estate and Retail Sector. Specialists and Real Estate professionals with 15 years of media experience and belonging to large companies in the country, as Colonial, KPMG, Savills, Wanda Real Estate, Ibosa,… attend this course.

Arcadio Gil, one more year at Viva Awards

Miami, 30th January 2016.

During the last two weeks Arcadio Gil has attended inspection visits and the final meetings of deliberation of the prestigious Viva Awards. This are the highest awards worldwide of Design and Development granted by the ICSCand that are decide among the finalists shopping centers each regional jury presents as the best in their continent: USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Mena, Asia, and Australia. This year the final meetings have taken place inPalm Beach in Florida US, and in them the Jury members have had a chance to meet the new CEO of ICSC, Bob Mc Gee, and ask him some improvements that would like to see implemented in future editions of the awards.

Canalejas construction works ongoing

Madrid, 22nd January 2016.

Rehabilitation and urban renewal project promoted by OHL in the complex of buildings between Alcalá and Sevilla streets in Madrid continues its progress. With an advanced up/down construction system, the interior structure is taking shape behind the fully preserved facades. The first floors of the three plants of the future Canalejas Shopping Center, whose concept was studied byLaSBA and whose opening is planned for 2018, are already taking shape.

Rudy Milian, LaSBA´s friend, lunches Woodcliff

Madrid, 13th January 2016.

On the occasion of launching of Woodcliff earlier this year, Arcadio Gil wants to give his own testimony about Rudy Milian, promoter and creator of the new consultancy located in New Jersey, US, also specialized in shopping centers, and an old friend of LaSBAI have known Rudy for a very long time. His deep knowledge of market forces and industry fundamentals augments his vast skills for engaging people and lead groups. He quickly grasps client needs and masterfully balances priorities. I have enjoyed working with him on strategic business initiatives that are global in scope

LaSBA in ReCon Latin America

Madrid, 16th December 2015.

A New Edition of ReCon Latin America, the Conference and Trade Fairorganized by ICSC, will be held next april in Mexico. This is the only one for exclusively Latin American region that is held annually. LaSBA will be there again. In the following weeks and in May, LaSBA will also be present in Marcca, the Sector Conference Centers, organized by Acecolombia, the Colombian Association of Shopping Centers, that this year will be held in Pereira, the capital of the coffee region.

Study of Manila´s extension

Bogotá, 4th December 2015.

Studies for the reform and extension of Manila mall in Fusagasuga have began. The town is far south 80km from Bogota. LaSBA has been commissioned by the center property, which includes a large hypermarket “Éxito”, to analyze and evaluate the different possibilities of extending both the commercial area and the provision of parking spaces. A new project promoted by Pedro Gomez could open in the city in 2017 but Manila aims to ensure with this operation the dominance that until now has exercised in the attraction area.

LaSBA stand, one more year in Mapic

Cannes, 24th November 2015.

With renewed stand of attendees and an arguably more positive mood than in recent years, last week we celebrated Mapic 2015. LaSBA was again present at the booth of United Partners, where it shared image and space with Italian partners Larry Smith Italy, English Lunson Mitchenall, and French RCG. Both individual and joint business were really intense throughout the three days. For the first time, AECC organized in collaboration with Reed Midem a specifically conference focused on the situation of the Spanish market with a successfully number or assistants.

Jos Galán´s evocation

Madrid, 23rd October 2015.

In the wake of the death of Jos Galan this week, Arcadio Gil has evoked: “I metJos Galan in the first hours of Baricentro, still in the 70s, and since then, the many times that we have worked, agreed or found have increased day by day my personal admiration and professional respect for this maximum truly unique man. His friends lose today a person who knew endear as anyone, also the Spanish Shopping Center sector have lost today one of the brightest professionals and entrepreneurs who has ever had”


Jos Galán has died


Barcelona, 21st October 2015.

Jos Galan has died yesterday in Barcelona at the age of 70. He was Founder and President of L35 study, and the greater public importance architect that has had the Spanish world of shopping centers since its inception. He was a LaSBAgood friend, who collaborated on several projects in earlier stages with Arcadio Gil, who replaced him in 1996 as President of the Spanish Jury Prize. The funeral will take place in Madrid next Wednesday October 28th.


ICSC Viva Award Ceremony to Trinity Leeds


Leeds, 16th October 2015.

In the own shopping centre, placed in the commercial heart of the city center of Leeds in the North of England, it was held yesterday a educative session about the centre, which, with his 85.000m2 GLA, it has been the winner this year of theICSC Viva Award, the highest world honor to the best shopping centre..In the ceremony, in which the award was given, Arcadio Gil took part with other members of the Jury, and was responsible for explaing the reasons that in the field of the design and the urban integration the Jury evaluated to award the prize.

LaSBA in ExpoReal and in Mapic 2015


Madrid, August 2015.

One more year, LaSBA will be present with its stand in the Mapic, which will be celebrated in Cannes from 17th to 20th of November 2015. . He will share with its partners of UP United Partners, , the European alliance of consultans of the real-estate that nowadays has offices in London, Paris, Milan, Moscow, Lisbon and Madrid.Two weeks before LaSBA will be also present in the II Forum of Shopping Centres organized by the AECC and that will be celebrated in thePalace of Linares in the Spanish capital. And at the beginning of OctoberArcadio Gil will be present in ExpoReal, the European trade fair for real estate that is celebrated every year in Munich.

Antony Morato in Italian Embassy


Madrid, 13 October 2015.

The Italian Embassy in Madrid has invited Lello Caldarelli, CEO of Antony Morato to a presentation of the company in the lounges of the Embassy. At the act there were present representatives of proprietary companies and trading Spanish companies interested in knowing better the characteristics y strategies of the brand, which last year sold 120M € in 16 different countries, and has an interesting expansion plan in Spain, which management has been entrusted to TenantRep LaSBA

Robert de Balkany has died


Paris, 21st September 2015.

Sr. Robert de Balkany, founder and owner of LSGI and the Company of Shopping Centres, SCC has died in France last Saturday, at the age of 84 years.Arcadio Gil, who was his collaborator during more than 10 years, sent hiscondolence to his family and to representatives of the company.In the last 80s and the first 90s Arcadio Gil, as General Manager of the SCCE, collaborated directly with Mr De Balkany in the management of his assets in La Vaguada of Madrid and in the launch of his first promotion in Spain after the centre of Madrid, the complex Palau de Mar in the Port of Barcelona.

Start of the works of the Project ACMN


Bogotá, 14th September 2015.

With the purchase of plots practically finished, there have begun the works of foundation of the buildings of the complex America World business Center that incorporates, close to two office towers of 30 and 22 floors and an transport interchanger , a shopping centre of 65.000 m2 GLA with four floors, in whoseconcept and preliminary design takes part LaSBA.The special foundations which execution has been entrusted to the Italian company Trevi, they manage to drill up to 110 meters of depth, of which the first 30 meters will allow to lodge a commercial floor and an underground parking of up to 2.500 parking lots in 6 levels. Placed in the confluence of the carrera 7 with the street 100, the centre is planning to inaugurate in 2019..


Foundation Stone of the project of Interikea in Algarve


Faro, 7 September 2015.

Last week there has been celebrated the official Act of laying of the foundation stone of the commercial complex that Interikea develops in Loulé, in the Portuguese Algarve, and that, with an investment near to 200 M €, it will include, together with a shop Ikea with 24.000m2 of GLA, which will be the fourth one in Portugal, a shopping centre of 85.000 m2 GLA.In the complex there will also establish a specialized outlet of 17.000m2 GLA, and whose management has been entrusted to the Austrian company ROS Retail Outlet Shopping. Thelocation of the complex, close to the exit 13, of the highway A22, was an object of different viability studies and location entrusted to LaSBA by Interikea in the previous times before the development of the project and request of licenses.

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