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Valdebebas, 1st September 2015

The leap of the statistics to the reality is one of the most difficult exercises to achieve, even putting determined interest to understand those across the observation on this one. The process of recovery of the Spanish economy this last time can easily validate in these months with the frequent appearance of news about business results in the business pages of the newspapers. Repeated growths sales benefits, ebitdas, … quarterly or annual, are again habitual for some time now. After many years with a lack of them.

But this observation is still often slightly distant from the reality that is seen. The immediate business perspective offers evident symptoms of recovery, and in our sector they are already many who are experiencing it. And not only in the investment domain, where the good news and the return of the activity already goes back to the whole 2014, but already also in the retail sales, the rents, the clearance, the delays in the collection, etc.

But I today like to keep with these photos that again show cranes leaning out in an almost challenging way, I would say, in the clean horizon autumnal of the Paus of Madrid. A tour through Valdebebas, through Vallecas, through Fuente del Fresno they show us cranes working and cranes being assembled. As swallows, they come to demonstrate us in a palpable way that something is changing indeed into the real Spanish economy in the last times.