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Development Consultancy

The continual creation of new and modern retail spaces, which are ever more aligned to the desires of the customer, obliges the developer of the extension of an existing centre or the development of a new one to profile the retail offer in the best way and to adjust their timing and budgets for the development or extension to meet the demands and requirements of the retailers and operators.
LaSBA offers its knowledge of the current market and the latest trends, as well as its practical knowledge of the mechanisms of the retail developments in order to allow the Client Developer to maximize the final returns of the development or the extension, minimising any risks they may come across.
The range of services extends to:
• Zoning analysis of the implantation
• Analysis of the retail concept, the merchandising plan and the opportunities for renovation
• Analysis the opportunities for renovation
• Pre-Commercialization and Commercialization advisory
• Engineering consultancy
• Commercial licenses obtaining
• Development general Advisory
• Extensions of Centers
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