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Miami, 7th November 2016.

Last November 3 opened to the public Brickell City Centre. Located in the heart of Brickell, the central financial and business district of Miami, the mall has been developed by the developer Swire in a mixed project with residential towers and a hotel in four complete blocks of its property. With wide walkways that fly over the intermediate streets, and with its significant roof of wavy slats, the Brickell City Centre project manages to gather up to 46,500 m² GLA and 2,600 parking spaces in the same complex. The commercialization of the centre, in which LaSBA played an active role, managed to congregate an important collection of major fashion brands, including SaksFifth Avenue, a Zara store, and brands such as Apple Store, Armani, Sephora, Victoria’s Secrets, among others.