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Cannes, Mapic, 16th November 2017

I commented in a previous blog the time of trade flourishing in the center of the city. And the peremptory need that the main commercial axes of the city have to follow many of the techniques and learn from the experiences lived and developed by the mall. To prolong in an effective way, little by little and in an unstoppable way, the shopping center model towards the public spaces of the urban center of the city

Surprising in this context that does not arise from any of the parties involved, merchants or Administration, an initiative that would be simple to introduce and that would allow, as in fact it has always done in shopping centers, to have useful data of inflows for management Common: The flow counters.

To those who know of the tremendous utility of these devices, and their relative low installation and maintenance costs, we find it difficult to understand that they have not become widespread today. The latest technologies have eliminated some of the disadvantages that the first devices could have for use in open spaces. And the importance of good data management has not stopped growing for all types of businesses

I want to think that the fidelity of their measurements, and the usefulness they provide to understand cycles and evaluate campaigns should encourage each other to implant, sooner or later, these systems in successful shopping streets. The existence in the Spanish market of different suppliers of systems and mechanisms of diverse type expand the offer, stimulate competition, and improve the service they offer. The opportunity is therefore decidedly here and now.