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  • Íñigo Lope de Toledo
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Madrid, 28th September 2019

I come from the last opening of the shopping center sector in Spain. And frankly, it is inevitable to express a great feeling of satisfaction. Not the one that can inspire you to check once again the great professionalism of Lar España and its teams, including L35 at the head of architecture, and Gentalia at the command of marketing and management.

It is something else, it is the satisfaction of thinking that a sector like ours, affected by winds that we would not like to feel, has given yesterday, will give tomorrow, with the opening of its doors to the public, a breath of fresh air, innovation and good judgment with Lagoh.

Its basic concept I think is impeccable. Two floors, wide longitudinal, long and high ground, lateral lighting in a very hot country, impeccable anchors, Primark (we will have one day to evaluate how much this chain is contributing to the industry by accepting lateral positions such as the old department stores) in one, and the Mercadona MediaMarkt couple (what would the growth of our sector be without these two protagonists?) in the other.

And, what I think is most distinctive and that will give it a definitive character, the wide and well-acclimated ride that develops laterally on a long surface of water that runs longitudinally from one end to the other. And that plays the role of a second complete mall of restoration, terraces and entertainment, parallel to the main one, and, this yes, on a single level. And leaving the SE30 and the Centennial Bridge very visible on the other side of the lake, to which it is exposed without ambiguity and with its best facade. That last night he released his best image, duplicating in the sheet of water his varied facade of lights and movement.

I have almost no doubt that what we saw last night being officially inaugurated by all possible Administrations (does anyone remember an inauguration with so much politics?) Is going to become a success. The question that remains for me tonight, and to which we will have to answer in the coming weeks, after giving it a couple more laps, is: Have we attended the opening of the best Spanish shopping center in recent years last night?

My temptation, which I believe is founded today, is to think that it will surely be.