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The approach that underlies LaSBA´s vision of the world of Shopping Centres and which sits on the base of its professional activity, can be resumed in the following six points:

  • Knowledge of both the consumer’s and the retail operator’s goals, needs, strategies and realities forms the basis for the understanding and comprehension of what has happened, happens and will happen in the world of Shopping Centres.
  • In almost all cases one comes across general Shopping Centre working rules. LaSBA’s experience allows, if not to predict the future, at least to anticipate behaviours and to avoid repeating past mistakes.
  • However, it is self-evident that each project is different and requires a specific understanding. The optimum solution for each situation will always be a personalised solution. Especially now that markets are more competitive than ever.
  • In addition, the future is not in the past, and doors should not be closed to new developments and surprises. However, in many cases, one can, at least to some extent, read part of the future in more mature markets and in those that have experienced more years of activity than the Spanish market.
  • An analytic and systematic approach to the consumer, the operators, and shopping centres, multiple realities of this sector, in different markets, aids a better interpretation of what is going on in a particular case. It could also help to explain causes and circumstances, and could help to forecast some future trends.

Shopping Centres have been and continue to be a successful formula.  Their underlying rules can be applied with the same efficacy in the classic centres as in the different varieties that has been appearing over time: retail parks, leisure centres, factory outlets, specialized, retail streets, etc.

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