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The Tools

There are a range of tools that LaSBA  has developed to allow and assure the most analytic approach possible to the retail phenomenon.

  • The systematic gathering and availability of the most relevant information  of the updated market, its latest data and statistics, current development projects, and development plans of the retailers.
  • LaSBA’s Permanent Research Program , Through rigorous and specific work, this program attempts to identify trends and parameters, establish new approaches and put forward new perspectives and terminology.
  • A very large database “Documenta LaSBA”, including data and analysis of the sector and the retail activity, as well as relevant information of more than two thousand shopping centres in all over the world.
  • Herramientas de “Benchmarking LaSBA” tools, suited to various specific analysis approaches, that allow each studied case to be compared in a measurable fashion to the most important averages among comparative cases.

These tools are supplemented by the dynamic generated by a  network of foreign consultants  with whom LaSBA has collaboration agreements, and which assure the verification and contrast of parameters and of the international market trends. An international alliance that represents 200 employees who deal with full range of clients , – included the institutional and national investors and developers, as well as the retailers and the public authorities – each one with his own specific needs..

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