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The Offices

 LaSBA The LaSBA offices are located in Madrid and Lisbon, occupying 250m2, with 16 working positions where the members’ totality of the team develop their activity.

The addresses are:

Paseo de la Castellana, 143, 6º.
28046 Madrid
Telephone +34 914 178 100
Praça de Alvalade, nº6, 1º.
1700-037 Lisbon
Telephone +351 213 136 060

In these offices, the  computer system  is assured by a server 80GB and a local network, operating in Windows 2000. It is maintained by an external computer maintenance service. Both the offices of Portugal and of Madrid are connected between them with the aim of sharing files and information in real time.

The offices in turn, have a network wifi specific for clients and visits.

In the same offices, besides material and auxiliary resources, the library and file  have more than 5.000 bibliographical references that include books, magazines, yearbooks, cartography and pamphlets related to the shopping centres and commercial real estate sectors in general. All that supported by a wide digital carefully inventoried file.

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