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Offering its professional specialised consultancy services, the aim of LaSBA is to create added value for its Clients developers, investors and retailers. 

The general approach   line proposed is a consequence of offering to the Client a personalised perspective of their particular case, by the adequate mixture of an analytic knowledge of the market situation under the previous experience of each Consultant.

  • Personalised approach: : The consultant at LaSBA  seeks to ascertain the particular needs of each client and tailor the service to these needs. A specific understanding and personalised solutions are developed for each project or specific case treated.
  • Combining analytic knowledge: : The solution should contain a combination of a rigorous analytic treatment of the project, and its relation with the empirical documental base of the company.
  • With the value of the previous experiences: : Each case is approached with the benefit of past knowledge and experiences of both the specific consultant and the company in general, which can be applied to the case at hand.
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