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LaSBA is in continuous professional growth, one of most effective ways to keep updated in a sector as competitive as this one, comes guaranteed by the participation in Associations as AECC, ICSC, ULI and ABRASCE, of which LaSBA is an active member for more than 30 years.

LaSBA’s connection with the Spanish Association of Shopping Centres (AECC) originated in the relation of Arcadio Gil, Managing Director of LaSBA, as founder and Honor Member of this Association . He was a president until 1992 and, since then, he is a permanent member of his Board of Directors.

The same way, LaSBA comes developing a wide International activity associative in the world of Shopping Centres as member of the European Council of the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC), participating in his Congresses, conferences and awards ceremonies. At present, Arcadio Gil, is a member of the Global Design and Development Awards Jury of the ICSC.

LaSBA takes part actively in the Urban Land Institute (ULI) from 1989, attending habitually at his activities in Madrid and Barcelona..

Due to LaSBA presence in Brazil, it is also part of Brazilian Association of Shopping Centres (ABRASCE), to strengthen the industry of the Shopping Centres and to promote the capacities of his members in the sector.