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Twin Set arrives to Madrid

Madrid, 25th May 2016.

LaSBA has advised Twin Set in finding the location of their store in Madrid, specifically in the street Claudio Coello 29, very close to the street Jorge Juan. The store consists of 127 sqm commercial, with a total of 214 sqm. The opening is expected next September. The Italian company currently has five stores in the Spanish market, located in Barcelona, Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca, Puerto Banus and Valencia. The first store that the brand opened was the one in Valencia, on the street Jorge Juan, and later came to Barcelona, on Paseo de Gracia.
LaSBA continues advising Twin Set in finding new locations for the brand in the Spanish market.

Delpozo settles in London

Madrid, 19th May 2016.

Delpozo it´s getting ready for raising the blind of a new store in London, it will be installed at 131 Sloane Street, a new development of buildings which will have as neighbors firms such as Red Valentino or the multibrand Boutique 1. This operation has been advised by LaSBA through its partners TRP. The establishment will occupy an area of 279 square meters spread over two floors and will include all the firm collection. This will be the only single-brand company store along with Madrid, which has its flagship shop Delpozo at number 19 Calle Lagasca.

Market Ruta77 opens to the public

Madrid, 11th May 2016.

Located within the shopping center Palacio de Hielo in Madrid, the food market Ruta77  has been opened to the public last week and today presents with a very special show cooking to the specialized press . The market, whose concept and implementation has been designed and developed by LaSBA for the property of the center, hosts 24 different food stalls  in 1,000 m2, has also a themed outdoor terrace, and comes complete in a very adequate supply restoration of the mall.

Alexander Otto, new TDSA

Milan, 5th May 2016.

In the course of the European Conference held in Milan last month, Alexander Otto, past Chairman of ICSC European Board and CEO of ECE, was awarded the distinction of “Trustees Distinguished Service Award“. Otto is the European number ten to receive this ICSC highest award, which only 9 other Europeans have received in the past, among which is Arcadio Gil. He was awarded in 2005 in Las Vegas together with the American Daryl Mangan and the Canadian Margaret Dixon.

Antony Morato, new store in La Gavia

Madrid, 25th April 2016.

Antony Morato opens a new store in the Centro Comercial La Gavia in Madrid,  advised by LaSBA, the Italian firm menswear store replaces the G-Star with an area of 233 square meters, located between UIanka and Benetton. Antony Morato expansion in the Spanish market intends to open approximately 30 stores within the next three years, of which four or five would be located in street. Currently, the Italian company is focused on the development of Madrid and Barcelona and will soon begin to complete the expansion in other geographical areas, such as Valencia and Malaga, where it already has presence. The goal for Antony Morato and LaSBA would be to have flagships before the end of the year in Madrid and Barcelona.

Round table about Outdoor

Milan, 20th April 2016.

On April 19th The Round table about Outdoor was held in the MiCo, Milan Conference Centre, where the sessions of the ICSC European Conferencewere held and included several round tables. This one was dedicated to the outdoor future development of shopping malls and it was  moderated byArcadio Gil. On the table were representatives of companies such as Stir Architecture , Haskoll or the Canadian GH + A company and also research experts from BNP , CBRE and others.

LaSBA at the Fifth Tower

Madrid, 8th April 2016.

The urban development known as Fifth Tower will complete in the future the complex of four towers in the north of Madrid. Co-sponsored by OHL and a European Real Estate Group is being developed under what at the past was a municipal congress and exhibition project designed by Mansilla/Tuñón. The new project, now starting, incorporates non-residential and tertiary uses in a new skyscraper supported by a powerful horizontal platform that gives continuity to the currently existing big plaza. LaSBA is studying, on behalf of the promoters, the concept and program of the commercial offer included in the project.

Arcadio Gil at ESCT

London, 24th March 2016.

Yesterday was held in London a new meeting of the Board of the European Shopping Centre Trust, the Foundation created by the first European Conferences, which aims to promote education and research in the pan-European sector. At the meeting, they analyzed agreements with variousEuropean universities and the BCSC Foundation were analyzed. Also there were approved next grants for young professionals to assist to the European Retail Property School and the exchange with the ICSC Foundation to attend the JTRiordan School in US.

Roselin Jewelry opens a new store in Madrid

Madrid, 18th March 2016.

Roselin is reinforced in Spain. The historical jewelry based in Madrid, counts with 28 outlets nationwide with a new opening in the 129th street Fuencarral. With over 65 years of experience, the company has in Madrid city its main market, where just added the store number 21. Roselin is in the midst of a process of change of concept shops with whom intend to update its traditional image and bring it to a more modern. The group has being advised on the process by the consulting firm LaSBA specialized in retail. The company is studying its expansion in the Spanish market cities that now is not present, likeBarcelona. At the moment, Roselin prefers to focus its target on the national territory before landing in other countries such as Italy, UK or France.

E-Commerce specialized session

Madrid, 10th March 2016.

A seminar on e-commerce which involved various specialists, and where KPMGhas presented the main conclusions of a study recently finished, was organized by the magazine E-Commerce –news. It was held yesterday at the Hotel Capitol Madrid. The Panel of Experts, which was moderated by Arcadio Gil, was integrated by representatives of the departments of e-commerce of DIA,Worten, Makro and Cepsa, among others.

United Partners new meeting

London, 3rd March 2016.

Last week was held the regular meeting of members of United Partners, theEuropean Alliance of Real Estate Consultants, whose representative in Spainand Portugal is LaSBA. In this meeting the evolution of joint commissions was reviewed, new opportunities were analyzed and three major centers in Londonwere visited. Those major centers´ marketing were conducted by Lunson Mitchenall, the British partner of the Alliance: Brent Cross, Canary Warf and the new commercial project at the Royal Festival Hall.

LaSBA Colombia SAS ongoing

Bogotá, 23rd February 2016.

As a development of professional work done by LaSBA in Colombia in recent years, it has been incorporated the new Society under Colombian lawLaSBA Colombia SAS” through which new achieved mandates will be managed in the country.

Bdba commitment to Miami

Bdba 2

Miami, 19th February 2016.

Bdba, the spanish fashion female firm is committed to the US market to grow in 2016. The company prepares its entry into the US with the launch of its first two stores in Miami. Bdba opens its first store in the United States at number 656 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach with an area of ​​almost 240 square meters. Bdba has decided to double its presence in the city with the opening of another store, this time located in the mall newly created Brickell City Center, this shopping complex, located in the financial district of the city, represents an investment of more than billion dollars to investors like Whitman, Swire Properties and Simon family.

LaSBA in the new MSI


Madrid,9th February 2016.

Launched last year, the MSI, Master of the Real Estate Sector , is a reference institution for the training of highly qualified professionals and a recognized standard among the most important companies in the sector master organize by COAM. As in other recent occasions, Arcadio Gil joined the staff of teachers and give two lectures on Real Estate and Retail Sector. Specialists and Real Estate professionals with 15 years of media experience and belonging to large companies in the country, as Colonial, KPMG, Savills, Wanda Real Estate, Ibosa,… attend this course.

Arcadio Gil, one more year at Viva Awards

Miami, 30th January 2016.

During the last two weeks Arcadio Gil has attended inspection visits and the final meetings of deliberation of the prestigious Viva Awards. This are the highest awards worldwide of Design and Development granted by the ICSCand that are decide among the finalists shopping centers each regional jury presents as the best in their continent: USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Mena, Asia, and Australia. This year the final meetings have taken place inPalm Beach in Florida US, and in them the Jury members have had a chance to meet the new CEO of ICSC, Bob Mc Gee, and ask him some improvements that would like to see implemented in future editions of the awards.

Canalejas construction works ongoing

Madrid, 22nd January 2016.

Rehabilitation and urban renewal project promoted by OHL in the complex of buildings between Alcalá and Sevilla streets in Madrid continues its progress. With an advanced up/down construction system, the interior structure is taking shape behind the fully preserved facades. The first floors of the three plants of the future Canalejas Shopping Center, whose concept was studied byLaSBA and whose opening is planned for 2018, are already taking shape.

Rudy Milian, LaSBA´s friend, lunches Woodcliff

Madrid, 13th January 2016.

On the occasion of launching of Woodcliff earlier this year, Arcadio Gil wants to give his own testimony about Rudy Milian, promoter and creator of the new consultancy located in New Jersey, US, also specialized in shopping centers, and an old friend of LaSBAI have known Rudy for a very long time. His deep knowledge of market forces and industry fundamentals augments his vast skills for engaging people and lead groups. He quickly grasps client needs and masterfully balances priorities. I have enjoyed working with him on strategic business initiatives that are global in scope

LaSBA in ReCon Latin America

Madrid, 16th December 2015.

A New Edition of ReCon Latin America, the Conference and Trade Fairorganized by ICSC, will be held next april in Mexico. This is the only one for exclusively Latin American region that is held annually. LaSBA will be there again. In the following weeks and in May, LaSBA will also be present in Marcca, the Sector Conference Centers, organized by Acecolombia, the Colombian Association of Shopping Centers, that this year will be held in Pereira, the capital of the coffee region.

Study of Manila´s extension

Bogotá, 4th December 2015.

Studies for the reform and extension of Manila mall in Fusagasuga have began. The town is far south 80km from Bogota. LaSBA has been commissioned by the center property, which includes a large hypermarket “Éxito”, to analyze and evaluate the different possibilities of extending both the commercial area and the provision of parking spaces. A new project promoted by Pedro Gomez could open in the city in 2017 but Manila aims to ensure with this operation the dominance that until now has exercised in the attraction area.

LaSBA stand, one more year in Mapic

Cannes, 24th November 2015.

With renewed stand of attendees and an arguably more positive mood than in recent years, last week we celebrated Mapic 2015. LaSBA was again present at the booth of United Partners, where it shared image and space with Italian partners Larry Smith Italy, English Lunson Mitchenall, and French RCG. Both individual and joint business were really intense throughout the three days. For the first time, AECC organized in collaboration with Reed Midem a specifically conference focused on the situation of the Spanish market with a successfully number or assistants.

Jos Galán´s evocation

Madrid, 23rd October 2015.

In the wake of the death of Jos Galan this week, Arcadio Gil has evoked: “I metJos Galan in the first hours of Baricentro, still in the 70s, and since then, the many times that we have worked, agreed or found have increased day by day my personal admiration and professional respect for this maximum truly unique man. His friends lose today a person who knew endear as anyone, also the Spanish Shopping Center sector have lost today one of the brightest professionals and entrepreneurs who has ever had”


Jos Galán has died


Barcelona, 21st October 2015.

Jos Galan has died yesterday in Barcelona at the age of 70. He was Founder and President of L35 study, and the greater public importance architect that has had the Spanish world of shopping centers since its inception. He was a LaSBAgood friend, who collaborated on several projects in earlier stages with Arcadio Gil, who replaced him in 1996 as President of the Spanish Jury Prize. The funeral will take place in Madrid next Wednesday October 28th.


ICSC Viva Award Ceremony to Trinity Leeds


Leeds, 16th October 2015.

In the own shopping centre, placed in the commercial heart of the city center of Leeds in the North of England, it was held yesterday a educative session about the centre, which, with his 85.000m2 GLA, it has been the winner this year of theICSC Viva Award, the highest world honor to the best shopping centre..In the ceremony, in which the award was given, Arcadio Gil took part with other members of the Jury, and was responsible for explaing the reasons that in the field of the design and the urban integration the Jury evaluated to award the prize.

LaSBA in ExpoReal and in Mapic 2015


Madrid, August 2015.

One more year, LaSBA will be present with its stand in the Mapic, which will be celebrated in Cannes from 17th to 20th of November 2015. . He will share with its partners of UP United Partners, , the European alliance of consultans of the real-estate that nowadays has offices in London, Paris, Milan, Moscow, Lisbon and Madrid.Two weeks before LaSBA will be also present in the II Forum of Shopping Centres organized by the AECC and that will be celebrated in thePalace of Linares in the Spanish capital. And at the beginning of OctoberArcadio Gil will be present in ExpoReal, the European trade fair for real estate that is celebrated every year in Munich.

Antony Morato in Italian Embassy


Madrid, 13 October 2015.

The Italian Embassy in Madrid has invited Lello Caldarelli, CEO of Antony Morato to a presentation of the company in the lounges of the Embassy. At the act there were present representatives of proprietary companies and trading Spanish companies interested in knowing better the characteristics y strategies of the brand, which last year sold 120M € in 16 different countries, and has an interesting expansion plan in Spain, which management has been entrusted toTenantRep LaSBA

Robert de Balkany has died


Paris, 21st September 2015.

Sr. Robert de Balkany, founder and owner of LSGI and the Company of Shopping Centres, SCC has died in France last Saturday, at the age of 84 years.Arcadio Gil, who was his collaborator during more than 10 years, sent hiscondolence to his family and to representatives of the company.In the last 80s and the first 90s Arcadio Gil, as General Manager of the SCCE, collaborated directly with Mr De Balkany in the management of his assets in La Vaguada of Madrid and in the launch of his first promotion in Spain after the centre of Madrid, the complex Palau de Mar in the Port of Barcelona.

Start of the works of the Project ACMN


Bogotá, 14th September 2015.

With the purchase of plots practically finished, there have begun the works of foundation of the buildings of the complex America World business Center that incorporates, close to two office towers of 30 and 22 floors and an transport interchanger , a shopping centre of 65.000 m2 GLA with four floors, in whoseconcept and preliminary design takes part LaSBA.The special foundations which execution has been entrusted to the Italian company …., they manage to drill up to 110 meters of depth, of which the first 30 meters will allow to lodge a commercial floor and an underground parking of up to 2.500 parking lots in 6 levels. Placed in the confluence of the carrera 7 with the street 100, the centre is planning to inaugurate in 2019..


Foundation Stone of the project of Interikea in Algarve


Faro, 7 September 2015.

Last week there has been celebrated the official Act of laying of the foundation stone of the commercial complex that Interikea develops in Loulé, in the Portuguese Algarve, and that, with an investment near to 200 M €, it will include, together with a shop Ikea with 24.000m2 of GLA, which will be the fourth one in Portugal, a shopping centre of 85.000 m2 GLA.In the complex there will also establish a specialized outlet of 17.000m2 GLA, and whose management has been entrusted to the Austrian company ROS Retail Outlet Shopping. Thelocation of the complex, close to the exit 13, of the highway A22, was an object of different viability studies and location entrusted to LaSBA by Interikea in the previous times before the development of the project and request of licenses.

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